Sea Around Us and the PRCM on West Africa

The Sea Around Us, an initiative based at the University of British Columbia in Canada and Dr. Daniel Pauly announce that the first catch reconstructions or the countries in the sub-region are now available.  They are keen to collaborate with all stakeholders to

(a) ensure that the information and data used in the reconstructions are accurate and reflects reality, and correct it otherwise;

(b) complement and update each reconstruction so that they become continuously updated;

(c) to assist in the design of locally implementable fisheries data acquisition schemes that would enable the data time series in the catch reconstruction to be continued in the future; and (

d) assist in formulating policies for consideration by countries which would enable them to address the issues identified in the catch reconstruction accounts.

Collaboration with countries will also focus on research capacity building and recognition, potentially including the opportunity for individual representatives to travel to the University of British Columbia for short term stints to work with the Sea Around Us scientists, along with the possibility of co-authorship in peer reviewed literature. Find out more at or contact