Strengthening the resilience of ecosystems and communities in the West African coastal area

Strengtheningthe resilience of ecosystems and communities in the West African coastal area

Presentation of RESILAO project

The Resilao project is an ambitious regional project that aims to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and communities to rapid changes in the West African coastal area.

The project takes place in a context of uncertainty linked to the effects of climate change and the development of coastal areas in West Africa. These changes accelerate, driven by various sectors such as urban development, infrastructures, tourism, transport, and the extractive sector.

Each of these sectors causes significant environmental degradation and contributes to increased problems stemming from human activities in areas already subject to high pressure.

However, effective responses have often been experimented with by coastal stakeholders to reduce risks such as coastal recession and marine flooding. Other innovative solutions have been tried to promote the conservation of natural capital or the development of value chains linked to natural resources. These responses need to be made more visible, consolidated and capitalised on in order to be scaled up and contribute to the resilience of ecosystems and communities in the coastal area.

The project is being co-financed by the Fonds français pour l’environnement mondial (FFEM) and the WACA program / World Bank for a 5-year period. It concerns six countries : Cabo Verde, Mauritania, Senegal, the Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Gambia.

The project is based on two components

1. Calls for projects

  • They will focus on three themes aimed at strengthening coastal resilience and will fund 40 initiatives for up to € 150,000.

2. Capitalisation of projects and exchange of experience

  • This component will allow the professionalisation of coastal actors and the creation of a regional database presenting a documented vision of existing dynamics and opportunities for the future.

Project themes

Consolidating achievements in the conservation and restoration of Coastal ecosystems.

  • Conservation of wetlands and coastal areas
  • Improvement of existing MPAs management
  • Enforcement of current legislation to protect biodiversity
  • Protection of areas threatened by rapid development
  • Advocacy and citizen engagement actions

Developing value chains based on coastal ecosystem services for the emergence of a sustainable blue social and solidarity economy

  • Professionalisation of rural community : organisations (women's groups, processing cooperatives, socio-professional associations, etc.)
  • Support for sustainable blue value chains
  • Creation of jobs for youth and women

Promoting innovative solutions to strengthen the resilience of coastal areas

  • Local development plans that are environmentally sensitive and respectful of natural habitats
  • Nature-based solutions to reduce coastal risks
  • Enhancement of natural infrastructure
  • Innovative ecological engineering
  • Recycling and sustainable remediation projects

Categories of actors concerned

• The following categories of actors are eligible for this call for projects:

  • Non-governmental organisations and associations
  • Private companies and economic operators (GIE)
  • Producer groups - Cooperatives
  • Protected area managers
  • Local authorities